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Itami Akihiro's Clan

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Itami Akihiro's Clan Empty Itami Akihiro's Clan

Post by Akihiro Hiro Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:07 pm

I made up my own clan because when I tried to be in the Uchiha clan in my other rpg, it was filled. Itami stands for nature.

The Itami clan is a feared clan because of its special ability. They are able to become one with nature, and be one with the animal they choose. For example, my character became one with nature, and was one with neko's, which means cats. Once the person finds their animal, they learn about the history of that creature, and create their own jutsu's related to them.

This clan only has a few of their own jutsu's.

The clan acts cold hearted towards all that are not a part of them. But, really their kind people, that only want the best for one another. They only show nice kind affection to those in their clan. They beleive everyone els are not as considerate with nature.

All of the jutsu's that I mention in my character's profile have real japanese words, with the translations at the end of each jutsus description.
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